Thursday, 7 February 2013

‘Vishwaroopam’ finally releases in TN amidst fanfare

Putting all the speculations and controversies behind, finally ‘Vishwaroopam’ released in Tamil Nadu today. The movie is already running successfully in global theatres and screens across India except Tamil Nadu. Ironically, Kamal Haasan had originally arranged the movie to get released in his home state Tamil Nadu at first, on 25th January 2013.
The film was banned before the day of its release by the TN government, stating that the film might hurt the sentiment of the Muslim community. This threw a spanner in the success of the movie. What followed the ban was complete mayhem. The actor filed a case against the TN state government, challenging the ban on the film. The media and film fraternity also openly supported Kamal Haasan during his plight. The other south Indian superstar Rajnikanth also came to the aid of the actor and supported him.
‘Vishwaroopam’ is a Rs.95 crore espionage thriller movie. It is a brain child of Kamal Haasan as he has written, produced and directed it. The two weeks ban on the film has cost him almost Rs. 30 to 80 crores. A visibly upset Kamal Haasan stated that he will have to sale off his house to recover from the financial damage and he would leave the country in search of a true secular place.
Finally the actor spoke with the representatives of the Muslim community in presence of the home secretary of TN on Sunday, 3rd Feb 2013. He agreed to delete the scenes as demanded to get his movie released in TN. As a result, the AIADMK government of TN removed the ban and the movie was scheduled to release on 7th Feb 2013.
An eased Kamal Haasan withdrew the case against the TN government in Madras high court on the following Monday.  In an open letter, the 58 year old actor expressed his gratitude to the media, fans, chief minister of Tamil Nadu Jayalalithaa and the film fraternity for helping him get his film released.
All these controversies surrounding the movie have raised considerable interest about the movie and it is all set to have the biggest opening in Tamil Nadu. According to the sources, the multiplexes have already arranged multiple shows of the movie to cater to the huge demand. Today the movie has opened to packed houses as almost all the tickets were booked in advance and in bulk.

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