Wednesday 3 July 2013

Another Setback: Mallika international TV Swayamvar delayed

Another Setback: Mallika international TV Swayamvar delayed

The actress has delayed her small screen outing apparently because of her travel schedule

Mallika Sherawat's small screen outing has been pushed back. The sex siren was slated to feature in the Indian version of an international show to find her soulmate. It was slated to go on air next month but with the actress spending most of her time in the US, things have yet to take off.

Says a source, `It has been delayed and the shoot will now commence not before September. The auditions though have started across the country. Mallika has to stay put in Mumbai for the shoot. Once the channel is clear on that front only then can they begin the shoot.`

Interestingly, while encapsulating her journey to find her Prince Charming at the launch event in April, Mallika had fired one verbal volley after another. The reason she agreed to be part of the show was because `as a single woman, money is important but this is not the only reason why I am doing the show.`

The motormouth also wanted to remind people about a woman's right to choose her life partner.

About her crushes she had stated, `I fainted after seeing Bill Clinton. I find Barack Obama very handsome. My man should have the qualities that Obama has. I prefer men who take risks in life and especially the ones who are not afraid to speak their mind.`

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