Monday 8 July 2013

Celebs talk about fun and crazy things they did at age sixteen

Celebs talk about fun and crazy things they did at age sixteen

Sixteen is a happy, young, tender, make or break age. You don't think you are a juvenile and the world doesn't think you are an adult. What you do at 16, stays with you forever

While director Raj Purohit is dealing with this age in his directorial debut Sixteen, we asked a few celebrities about one crazy thing that they did at that age that is going to stay forever with them as a fun memory.

Izabelle: I told my mom that I was going to a friend's place for the weekend who was staying at a distance of half an hour drive from my place. But actually we all friends flew down to Sao Paulo a three hours 30 minutes flight to reach. It was a fun weekend that I can never forget.

Rajiv Laxman: I discovered the pleasure of self-gratification at 16.

Rannvijay: At 16, the biggest thing was to go to DSOI for New Year's Eve in Delhi. We were going in a group. I asked the hottest girl in school to come along and she said yes too. To my disappointment I didn't get permission to go. I was sad and to make it worse my friends told me that they had a super time with her at the party.

Keith Sequeira: My dad's friend had come home with his family that included their very pretty daughter. I remember I took her in my room to show her something and in spur of the moment we started kissing each other.

Her mom saw that and freaked out. Though she didn't say a word in front of anyone but I am sure the girl must have got scolded after reaching home. The whole evening was very embarrassing for both of us.

Karanveer Bohra: I had a lot of friends from senior college. I remember they took me to a ladies bar once when I was 16 and I was really scared that nobody should know my real age there.

A bouncer kept giving me nasty looks and he came to my friends and started talking to them pointing fingers at me. I realised he is enquiring about my age and ran off from there in two seconds. The next day my friends told me that the bouncer was telling them that they should get this new boy again. We all laughed at it.

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