Sunday 7 July 2013

How Chitrangada Singh makes all men go weak in the knees

How Chitrangada Singh makes all men go weak in the knees

Though she's on the wrong side of 30, actor Chitrangada Singh makes men from their early twenties to fifties go weak on their knees.

The crown of a 'Goddess' sits beautifully on this powerhouse performer, who has the right blend of acting prowess and drop-dead good looks. Here's what she had to tell CS about her fitness regime, idea of relaxation and the constant speculation about her life

Loving the attention
We are actors; acknowledgement of any kind from our audience is important and fabulous. It is a form of encouragement. By calling me a Goddess, they are just showing their appreciation towards what they see of me on the big screen. The audience is a very important part of our lives; without them we would be nowhere.

Just for kicks
I have tried different kinds of exercises like yoga, cardio, strength training, and muscle workout, but now I have started with kickboxing. And that's really working for me. I swear by it, it's so much fun unlike standing in one place running over a treadmill. Trust me, kickboxing is the best form of workout.

Sweating for the shine
I think your face looks the best when you have just come out of a workout. The way it glows after the excercise is the best thing to be included in one's beauty regime. I follow the rule of removing my makeup before going to bed. One should always clean their skin and let it breathe at night.

Under the media glare
We come from a profession that gets written about. Obviously, people read about us and form their opinions about us. They have the right to think what they want. It's just that I don't like it when judgments are passed, that of course hurts. The only thing you can do in certain situations is ignore the remarks.

My dream role
I saw a film called The Bridges of Madison County many years ago. It just got stuck in my head the way Meryl Streep played that character of Francesca Johnson. If there's one role that I aspire to portray, it would be that of Francesca.

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