Tuesday, 9 July 2013

I wanted to cast Kangna Ranuat in 'Khmoshiyan'

I wanted to cast Kangna Ranuat in `Khmoshiyan`

Debutant director Abhijeet Das revealed that he wanted actress Kangana Ranuat in his short film 'Khamoshiyan' but ended up casting Raima Sen

Das is quite excited about the film, that revolves around a dog lover. "I have worked with Kangana in 'Life in a Metro' and 'Woh Lamhe'.

I wanted her to do this film. I felt she was perfect as she had dogs, she could understand the emotions well and she was quite comfortable with them. But she wasn't available for this project as she had back-to-back films to shoot," Das told.

"I also know Raima and now that we have shot the film I must say she did her job perfectly," he said. "...pets are loyal and also at times possessive about their master. In this film, when a guy comes to meet Raima the dog gets jealous. I hope people understand the love and warmth of pets," Das said. Das himself has 15 dogs which got him closer to this subject.

"I feel the scenario of short films is improving here. There is an audience for that," said Das, who has worked with Basu on films like 'Life In A Metro', 'Barfi' among others. 'Khamoshiyan' is produced under the banner Royal Stag Mega Movies Large Short Films, a platform for young short filmmakers.

A group of 10 filmmakers including Sudhir Mishra and Anurag Kashyap announced the banner, where short films will be made by each of them. This is one of the films. This film was released online last month.

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