Tuesday 9 July 2013

Is being a key witness in Salman’s case a crime!

Rabindra Patil was a constable who was eye witness on the night when Salman’s land cruiser hit people sleeping on the pavement and after that Salman fled away. Rabindra decided to be the prime witness in the case. He even warned Salman of rash driving on that ill fated night.
During the initial interrogations in the court, Rabindra Patil used to make appearances and he spoke the truth. Subsequently the best lawyers from India got involved in the case from Salman’s side and they started grilling Patil every time he stepped inside the witness box. He started getting upset.
Gradually he stopped coming to court on the day of hearing of Salman’s case. The case could not be preceded as the key witness used to be unavailable. Court sent a number of summon to Rabindra Patil but he did not turn up for the case.
Finally court lodged an arrest warrant against him for not appearing in court upon calling. Even Patil’s seniors recommended that he should be removed from his job. He lost his job. Finally police found him from Mahabaleshwar, a hill station near Mumbai. He confessed that he was staying in a hotel and he used to come and meet his family. He pointed out that he was under extreme pressure and he could not take the way defense lawyers grill him in court. He wanted to be away from this case.
After nabbing him, police produced him in court and the court sent him to Arthur jail. There he was treated like a criminal for no fault of him. He requested to his seniors to allow him a different cell but his plea remained unheard.
After he was freed from the jail, he went to his family but they did not accept him. With nowhere to go, he started begging. His health condition worsened with time and in 2007, he was admitted in Sewri Municipal Hospital. He had got weak and was addicted to alcohol. At that time he was suffering from drug resistant tuberculosis. With time his condition worsened and after a nervous breakdown, he died.
All this while Salman Khan remained busy with his films and promotions and was never bothered to know about the constable. It is said that the friends and family of the actor were pressurizing Patil.
This is the harsh truth of a common man who tried to raise his voice for justice.

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