Friday 12 July 2013

Kareena Travels the World to Juggle Marriage and Work Commitments

A few months after his marriage, Saif Ali Khan was heard to comment that it is convenient being married to someone from the same industry because she understands how demanding this profession can be. “I'm married to someone who understands my need to work and is supportive of my career. It’s all good,” he had said. Kareena Kapoor too had echoed this sentiment. She said, "Being from the same industry, Saif completely understands the pressure that comes with being an actor. He's very encouraging and I am grateful to him for that. And while we never sideline our work, we ensure that we sneak in some 'us time' in the midst of our hectic schedules - be it catching a movie together, a quiet dinner or an impromptu vacation."
The fact that both the actors are adhering to this spirit was shown by the recent activities of Kareena. The celebrated actress had travelled to London to attend the birthday celebrations of her sister, Karishma. After this, she flew to Los Angeles to sneak in a vacation. Saif had been shooting here for his next film.
However, Kareena was summoned back to India. She had left after completing the work on her next film, Gori Tere Pyar Mein. The film is directed by Punit Malhotra – his second outing as director after I hate luv stories and produced by Dharma Productions. Kareena stars opposite Imran Khan in the film and there is a lot of anticipation building up about seeing this pairing again after the sizzling on screen chemistry of Ek main aur ekk tu. It was seen that a dance sequence was left to be shot. As soon as she was informed of this, Kareena caught a flight back to complete her professional commitment. She came; she shot; she went back to join hubby in LA.
According to a source, “Kareena was enjoying her time with Saif in LA. But a song sequence was remaining for Gori Tere Pyaar Mein. After completing her work, Bebo has flown back to LA.”  This was later confirmed by the spokesperson of Kareena who said, “Yes, Kareena was in LA where Saif is currently shooting. After she wrapped up her song schedule, she has gone back to the US.”
This is the best combination of consummate professionalism and loving wife. Here’s hoping that Bebo enjoys a great time with Saif in LA.

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