Friday 12 July 2013

Kiran Rao to pledge organ donation

Kiran Rao to pledge organ donation

Taking inspiration from Anand Gandhi's film "Ship of Theseus", filmmaker Kiran Rao, who is presenting it to the audience, will take a pledge to donate her organs.

The "Dhobi Ghat" director believes there is a "great merit" in saving a life.

"I have thought about organ donation. This film has given me a chance to think about organ donation deeply. Earlier, I thought we can only donate our eyes, but the fact that each and every organ of our body can be used to save somebody's life, I got to know about this from the film," said Kiran here at a press conference to promote the film Thursday.

"I would like to go for organ donation. In fact, this week only all of us, who want to donate their organs but have not taken the pledge, will go and do it. I definitely believe there is a great merit in donating one's organ and seeing life continue beyond you," she added.

Kiran along with UTV Motion Pictures is presenting "Ship of Theseus", which has already travelled to several film festivals across the globe.

It is slated to release July 19 in five cities - Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Bangalore and Kolkata.

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