Monday 8 July 2013

Why Manjari sent a legal notice to Hyderabad mall

Why Manjari sent a legal notice to Hyderabad mall

Manjari sends legal notice to a Hyderabad shopping mall for allegedly misusing her photographs

Almost three years ago when she inaugurated a shopping mall in Hyderabad, little did Manjari Fadnis know it would cost her dearly.

The mall apparently has been using the actress' photographs for its promotions without actually taking prior permission from her. And Manjari has had to resort to sending a legal notice to the mall owners to safeguard her interests. MiD Day has a copy of the legal notice.

According to sources, Manjari is being unjustly portrayed as the mall's official ambassador. `Manjari inaugurated the mall in September, 2010 and even did a photo shoot for promotions for a period of only six months. But her pictures are still pasted all over city hoardings. The mall owners feigned ignorance when Manjari expressed her concerns.`

The actress initially wanted to settle the matter amicably. She says, `When it didn't happen, I had to take legal action. Other malls from Hyderabad were interested in approaching me for deals but they just assumed I was still the brand ambassador for the other mall.`

Her advocate Rizwan Siddiquee says, `This amounts to a willful act of cheating. We shall wait and see what response we get from the mall and proceed accordingly.`

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