Tuesday 9 July 2013

Will Hrithik take it easy on stunts atleast now?

Will Hrithik take it easy on stunts atleast now?

His recent brain surgery has apparently cast shadows on the actor's inclination to perform daredevil stunts

During his initial years in the industry, Hrithik Roshan came to be known as the actor who did most of his stunts by himself.

Unfortunately for him, one of his recent stunts, where he was required to dive into water, went very wrong. It not only landed him in the hospital with a blood clot, it also points a finger at whether Hrithik should continue trying to perform dangerous stunts.

While buzz is that the actor may be out of action for almost four weeks after he returns home, insiders at the Khar hospital where he underwent his surgery say that Hrithik may need to take rest for more than a month.

A source from the hospital says, `It is possible that Hrithik may not be able to resume shooting within four weeks. The family wants to play it safe this time and also make sure that most of his stunts are performed with utmost care or not performed by him at all.`

Speaking to us from the hospital, his father Rakesh Roshan says it's finally Hrithik's decision whether to continue doing stunts on his own. `It is too early for us to decide anything but as of now, we have left the decision on Hrithik if he still wants to do his stunts.`

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