Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Yukta Mookhey discloses all about husband Tuli

Former beauty queen Yukta Mookhey has filed for divorce from her husand Price Tuli. She claimed physicslly and mental tortured by her husband  and even forced her for unnatural sex and demanded money every now and then. She added that she has adjusted over the years and did not took any actions but Tuli has crossed the limit of torture and at last he started to threat her son.
Yukta filed a dowry harassment case at the Amboli police station against Tuli on Friday. The actress has apparently decided to take this strong stand for her son. A source close to the family says, “Yukta had been experiencing a lot of problems in her marriage. She made several trips from Nagpur to the city to meet her parents but never mentioned any of her problems. But after the birth of her son, now three, all that changed.”
A friend of the actress on conditions of anonymity says, “Yukta is a very strong girl. She had been fighting against the odds. She came to Mumbai to stay with her parents last year.” Apparently Yukta didn’t want her son to grow up in an environment best avoided for a child. “He is very young and she didn’t want him to see her husband beating her. She is still maintaining her dignity,” adds the source.
Yukta spoke this marital problem started “Initially when I met him, I obviously had no reason to doubt him. But problems started within the first month of our marriage. Now when I look back, there are things that seem obvious, but at that stage they did not seem odd. For instance, my sister-in-law interrogated me in a hotel till 3 am about how much I earned, what I planned to do with my life, what kind of marriage I would give, what I would do with my money after marriage, whether or not I would give it to my husband or my in-laws, whose name both my Mumbai flats were in, etc”.
“There is a healthy way of asking, but this was covertly done. Usually when the boy and girl are compatible, this does not happen. While Prince is 31, his sister and I are the same age and are 34. She lives in Mumbai with her kids and was probably therefore given the task of interviewing me. Meeting a family person when you are contemplating marriage is fine, but it was different interviewing someone till 3 in the morning in the way it was done. Prince had once asked me, 'How does it feel to get married into a family where everyone has mistresses?' I had dismissed it, thinking it to be ridiculous.”, added Yukta.

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