Tuesday 12 February 2013

Kareena looks up to both Sharmila and Karishma for fashion

Kareena Kapoor has always been recognized as a fashion icon in the Bollywood film industry. Her style statements have always impressed her million fans. Even in her last film (‘Taalash’) with Aamir Khan, her dressing sense caught the attention of the movie goers. Her red gown in the film became a craze among the teens and a must have for the fashion minded. It was our very own Bebo who introduced the concept of ‘size zero’ in the Bollywood film industry. For a very long time it remained the yard stick of beauty in Bollywood and a stiff level of standard for the other actresses to achieve.
Even before Bebo, her sister Karishma created new benchmarks of fashion in the glamour world. Even the mother of the two (Bebo and Lolo), Babita has shown good fashion sense during her heydays in Hindi film industry. Therefore, we can safely conclude that fashion runs in the gene of Kareena Kapoor.
Recently she got married to her long time sweetheart chote Nawab Saif Ali Khan. So now Sharmila Tagore is her mother in law. Sharmila has been a glamour icon in her own rights when she ruled the rooster in Bollywood. She always portrayed the glam doll style. Not only that, way back in the year 1967 she donned bikini for her film ‘An Evening in Paris’. Her love affair with the Tiger Pataudi is part of the folklore now and still remains the most glamorous wedding between a cricketer and a film star.
Therefore poor Kareena is in two minds to decide about her fashion role model. Kareena said "Actually, there is quite a tough competition at home. I like my mother-in-law Sharmilaji's dressing sense, both on and off screen. She is just brilliant. I have also looked up to Karishma when it comes to style and my mother (Babita). So I really don't have to look outside when it comes to fashion."
A very diplomatic answer indeed! However, when it comes to the chote Nawab, Bebo prefers to give him a free reign. She doesn’t decide about his fashion and accessories. Speaking about this Kareena said "Both of us give advice to each other on clothes but I prefer that he shops for himself rather than me shopping for him. He knows best what is perfect for his body. He has his own style." However, she added that "I feel he looks best in a suit."

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