Monday 18 February 2013

Shot in the dark: Recently released film's producer unhappy with lead actor

Shot in the dark: Recently released film`s producer unhappy with lead actor

The producer of this recently released film has been heard complaining around his lead actor's overconfidence at the box office

And this is not just after the release of this film but has been going on for quite some time now. Although everything appears hunky-dory from the outside, he is extremely unhappy with the actor.

The producer had offered the actor, known to play 'Bhai' characters a solo film a couple of years ago. Those were the tough times for the actor who was down and out. However, in spite of the good music and aggressive promotions, the film tanked after getting a good opening. The hero felt that the jolly opening was only thanks to him.

And now that the producer has just released his other solo film with him, he has realised how difficult it is to market the actor in a solo film.

The producer was heard talking about his big blunder as he might lose money on this project. And he could find it difficult to recover his money. He thinks the hero is fit to be cast only in multi-starrers. We wonder what the actor has to say.

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