Thursday 4 July 2013

I will be your Mandakini: SRK to Farah

I will be your Mandakini: SRK to Farah

Picture King Khan clad in white, drenched under a waterfall. Superstar Shah Rukh Khan has promised to do a Mandakini-like performance in choreographer-filmmaker Farah Khan's next film.

While promoting his film, 'Chennai Express' on Zee TV's dance reality show 'DID Super Moms', Shah Rukh was blown away by the sheer flexibility and talent of contestants Cecille and Shivangi who performed a malakhamb act which had them executing backward flips on a 5-foot wide wooden block.

On hearing Shah Rukh's comments for the contestants, Farah Khan who had choreographed 'Jiya Jale' for Dil Se related how she had tried to get Shah Rukh to do a few malakhamb steps for the song.

She recollected, `On the shoot day, Shah Rukh vanished from the sets and was nowhere to be seen. I had specially ordered a white lungi and wanted him to be bare chested while shooting the song!`

`Don't worry Farah, for your next movie, I promise I will do a malakhamb. If you dress me in white for it, I will be also be your Mandakini and give you four days to shoot the song as well!` said Shah Rukh with a naughty grin and a twinkle in his eye.

Despite nursing an injured shoulder, Shah Rukh did not let it come in the way of his interaction with the contestants.

He danced with them and their family members, romanced some of them and even won a contest chopping onions with Deepika Padukone and contestant Zoya.

Even with his injury, the star was the picture of grace, poise and charm, posing for pictures and signing autographs for all who approached him. He did not turn anyone down.

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