Sunday 7 July 2013

Salman keen to cast Sooraj in ‘Hero’ remake

THeroe were a lot of speculations regarding Sooraj Pancholi
Sooraj Pancholi’s entry into Bollywood post his coming out from jail. But Salman Khan has put all the doubts aside and has called Sooraj to have a discussion over a project. Salman Khan wants to cast Sooraj in the remake of Subhas Ghai’s movie ‘Hero’. Original movie ‘Hero’ was released in 1983 with Jackie Shroff playing the lead.
Salman Khan has called Sooraj to Hyderabad to discuss the project. Salman Khan is currently in Hyderabad shooting for his movie ‘Mental’. Sooraj has been offered to play the lead role. Subhas Ghai is also scheduled to visit Hyderabad in connection to the same project.
Aditya Pancholi, father of Sooraj Pancholi confirmed the news and said, “I think Salman has called him to Hyderabad next week and I will request the police to allow him to go and meet him. We will see what he (Sooraj) wants to do as of now. We could take him to a counselor.” Aditya is also roped in for a major role in ‘Mental’.
Aditya and his wife Zarina want to take their son to a psychologist so that he could overcome the fateful incident. Sooraj was detained in police custody for nearly three weeks in view of suicide of actress Ziah Khan. He was charged with abetting the late actress to suicide. He was released on bail on Tuesday.  Sooraj and Jiah were in a relationship for the past one year.
Subhas Ghai told, “Salman will take the final call. I will be going to meet him next week. It’s just bad luck; I don’t think Sooraj should be blamed for what happened. But Salman will take the final call and decide how and when things will happen.”
Along with Sooraj, actor Suneil Shetty’s 18 years old daughter Athiya will also be making a debut in Bollywood with this remake of ‘Hero’.
As Sooraj plans for his Hyderabad tour, his parents are planning for the security of their son post ‘Jiah Khan Suicide’ case. They have two houses in Juhu, Mumbai. One is a bungalow and the other is a flat. Sooraj frequents both the places. They have planned to get Close Circuit Television Cameras (CCTV) installed at both the houses. A close source of Pancholi’s said, “Suraj alternates between the two places in Juhu - a flat and a bungalow. A total of six surveillance cameras will be installed; four in the bungalow and two in the flat. The workers have identified suitable spots last afternoon and installation work will start today.” The source added, “Suraj has suffered enough. He did no wrong and yet was jailed for nearly three weeks. The family is rather wary and wants to ensure he no longer comes in harm's way.”

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