Sunday, 7 July 2013

Traumatized in jail, Sooraj Pancholi to go for therapy

After aspiring actor Sooraj Pancholi was granted bail, he returned to his house on Tuesday after spending nearly three weeks in jail. The three weeks in jail had been traumatic for the 22 year old Sooraj.
The family of Sooraj wants their son to visit a Psychologist and get some therapy so that he could destress himself.
According to family and friends, it was a different Sooraj who came out of jail. He looked worn out and unusually silent. He has lost a lot of weight and looked gaunt. Still Aditya and Zarina are thanking God as their kid returned home. They are relieved.
A family friend said, “More disturbing is the fact that Suraj is not speaking much. He was never talkative. But now he’s absolutely quiet. His parents gently tried to ask him what it was like inside prison, Suraj softly said, ‘Not now, please.’ Then his parents suggested he go to the gym the next day. Suraj refused.”
After coming home from jail, Sooraj chose to sit with his sister, Sana and his cousin. He did not interact much with them. The family friend added, “What does one say to a son who has gone through such a traumatic experience? Aditya and Zarina are letting Suraj be.”
Aditya Pancholi said, “We can’t even begin to imagine what must be going on in our son’s head. At the moment we are just happy to have him back home. We’re taking it one day at a time. My boy has suffered for no fault of his. God bless those who did this to him.”
Family and friends have suggested Aditya and Zarina that they should take Sooraj to a Psychologist in order to tide over the fateful experience.
Actress Zarina Wahab
Zarina Wahab said, “We want to give him his space.”
Meanwhile Salman Khan wants to meet Sooraj in connection to an upcoming movie that Salman and Subhas Ghai wants to make with Sooraj. Ghai said, “Salman will take the final call. I will be going to meet him next week. It’s just bad luck; I don’t think Sooraj should be blamed for what happened. But Salman will take the final call and decide how and when things will happen.”
Aditya confirmed the news and said, “I think Salman has called him to Hyderabad next week and I will request the police to allow him to go and meet him. We will see what he (Sooraj) wants to do as of now. We could take him to a counselor.”

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