Friday 29 March 2013

All is well between James Franco, Anne Hathaway

James Franco

and Anne Hathaway have occupied enough space for their rivalry and now they are making news for their patch up. James Franco in an interview revealed that he has patched up with Anne Hathaway. ‘The Spring Breakers’ star was a guest on Howard Stern`s radio show where he spoke about the sore relationship with Anne Hathaway.
When asked about his opinion about the actress, Franco said, "I`m happy to revisit this, but you`re going to have to take the lead. If you`re going to talk about it, you`re going to have to give your opinions... She does not want me talking about this, but okay."
Stern said, "Everyone sort of hates Anne Hathaway, and I`ve explained that I do too and I don`t know even know why sometimes. She`s just so affected actress-y that even when she wins an award she`s out of breath, and then she has the standard joke that sounds like it`s written. And it all seems so scripted and acted."

Franco added that it may be the reason behind Hathaway`s disrepute.

"I`m not an expert. I guess they`re called `Hatha-haters` but I think that`s what maybe triggers it," Franco said diplomatically.

When Stern asked if he and Hathaway are still in touch, Franco said, "We haven`t talked in a while."

Franco, however, quickly added that they have put the Oscar fiasco behind them. "Anne and I made up, by the way. Let`s just get that on the record," he insisted.

Hathaway was annoyed with Franco for comparing her to a ‘Tasmanian devil’ on David Letterman show soon after the Oscars.

"I let James know that a whirling dervish is a more flattering comparison than a Tasmanian devil. I called him, and we emailed a bit," Hathaway had said during an interview with Harpers Bazaar.

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