Saturday 30 March 2013

Want a hot bod like me? Read this!

Want a hot bod like me? Read this!

Actress shares her fitness fundas, says she tries different workout routines to avoid boredom

`Rome wasn't built in a day now, was it?` asks Neha Dhupia when requested to share her fitness mantra. According to the model-turned-actress, being healthy shouldn't be a fad as the idea is to `build a temple out of your body` and it obviously takes time. In a candid chat, the leggy lass shares some fitness tips...

>> I have a really good set of people I work with on a daily basis. Getting the right kind of guidance makes a huge difference. There are different body types and each needs a different set of exercise regime.

They pointed out that my body requires cardiovascular routines and weight training. Cardio, to me, means anything from swimming to running. I also go through pilates and muscle-toning exercises. They are injury- free and help in strengthening your core and improving your postures.

>> I sign up for a lot of things so that workout doesn't become dull. Music in the background has to be upbeat so that there's energy around. Having said that, I'm not really a gym person. I like outdoor activities more. I play squash with my dad whenever I get time.

>> The key to continuous fitness is to make sure that you maintain the rhythm. In my profession, travelling can create an obstacle. So when I'm out of the city, I always carry a pair of sneakers and a yoga mat. This way, I can just go out for a run or settle down to perform my asanas. My yoga trainer, Vinayak, recently introduced me to the more classical forms and they yield amazing results.

>> Diet plays a significant part in your body's overall development. I don't know whether my dietician Pooja Makhija is nice enough or mean enough to literally wean me away from sugar! (Laughs) But I'm not complaining. She makes me have small meals every two hours.

>> Listen to your body and look for signs like you don't feel like hitting the road or lift weights. Sometimes you haven't slept well or your metabolism is weak, then it's very advisable to rest.

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