Sunday 31 March 2013

Latest update on Mona Singh’s MMS video story

Mona Singh

who was became latest victim of morphed MMS video has immediately lodged a complaint at the nearest police station and the Cyber Crime Cell is going deep into the matter to get hold of the culprit. They are in the process of finding out the IP address of the computer from where the clip was uploaded. Police suspects that the culprit is someone known to the actress.We suspect involvement of some local elements and we are trying to trace the IP address of the computer from where it was uploaded," a police officer said.
A case was registered under the Information Technology Act yesterday.
Actress Mona Singh is hopeful that the culprit who uploaded the morphed video will be caught soon.
Mona Singh said in a statement: "It is just completely appalling and disgraceful that someone on the web can go to the extent of morphing my face onto someone else's body to create a sensational video! We have filed a severe complaint at the Cyber Crime Cell and are hoping to find the culprit. People need to realise that before being actors we're respectable women and have family and friends who we're answerable to and who get affected by negativity that is thrown in our direction."

She further added: "Thankfully, my family and friends are standing by me like they always have, supporting me to see this through. If today this can happen to me, it can happen to any innocent girl and things like this can ruin lives and careers forever. This is a VERY SERIOUS issue and it needs to stop! As members of the media, journalists and editors should also take a stand against such acts and not provide the culprits with the publicity that they are hoping for as the outcome of their dastardly acts."

Mona’s colleague from the television industry said,"Mona comes from a conservative Punjabi home. Such a scandal is not something her family would like to accept as part and parcel of show-biz. She is deeply mortified and shaken by the episode", Mona’s colleague informed.

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