Saturday 30 March 2013

Guess Who: Producer smitten by his hot leading lady

Guess Who: Producer smitten by his hot leading lady

The producer of this upcoming flick seems to be in news within the industry circle, thanks to the rumours suggest his growing proximity with its leading lady whom he is launching

The actress, a well-known model, will be making her debut with the film.

Incidentally, the filmmaker's closeness with the actress came to the forefront when he insisted that the romantic track be part of the promos in spite of the flick being an actioneer.

Although the corporate house behind the film did not want the romance to be promoted, they gave in on the producer's insistence, as he wanted the film to have a `universal appeal`. No wonder that the corporate house and the producer do not see eye-to-eye at all.

One wonders if the producer is actually only thinking about the film or is it more than what meets the eye?

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