Friday 29 March 2013

Independent filmmakers need support: Rajkumar

Independent filmmakers need support: Rajkumar

Director Rajkumar Gupta feels that independent filmmakers, who are successfully telling their stories on the big screen, need some support from the industry and adds that such help can also pave the way for upcoming talent.

"I feel independent filmmakers don't get too much support. They approach festivals to show their films, " Gupta told.

Considering the growth of filmdom, he feels it can open new avenues for upcoming talents.

"But now the film industry is growing at a fast pace. I feel there's a scope for independent filmmakers. Many young directors and writers are coming up with fresh subjects. And they do get acknowledged, " said the director of films like "Aamir" and "No One Killed Jessica".

According to him, independent filmmakers are making films in every genre and if their work is liked by the audiences that means it is commercially successful too.

"We have filmmakers who make all kinds of films - action, comedy, romance etc. Each film that sells and is liked by the audience is a commercial film. The future is very bright, " he said.

Currently busy with his forthcoming film "Ghanchakkar", starring Vidya Balan and Emraan Hashmi, Gupta says after making serious cinema, he felt like trying lighter topics.

Talking about the film, he said: "My previous films were based on serious subjects (terrorism and crime). This time I wanted to do something light and different. It's a black comedy."

"The idea for the film came in my mind even before 'No One Killed Jessica'. When writer Parvesh Sheikh showed me the script, I liked it and thought that it's a subject that will enthrall viewers, " added Gupta.

In the film "Ghanchakkar", Vidya is cast as a Punjabi housewife with a bizarre sense of fashion. She is loud and funny, while her husband, played by Emraan, is well sorted out and sensible.

"Both the actors have done full justice to the roles. Vidya had to put on a few extra kilos to look like a healthy Punjabi woman. And I am impressed with her work. Emraan has a screen persona and a mystery element. Both of them were perfect for their roles, " he added.

Gupta said his Punjabi friends helped him in "understanding Punjabi culture, language and lifestyle".

The movie is slated for June 28 release.

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