Friday 29 March 2013

Reliance hands over a cheque of Rs 1.5 crores to Sanjay Dutt as dubbing feee

Reliance hands over a cheque of Rs 1.5 crores to Sanjay Dutt as dubbing feee

By Subhash K Jha

The shadow of imminent incarceration may be looming over him. But Sanjay Dutt is determined to complete his work before he is confined to prison in April.

On Monday and Tuesday Sanjay Dutt completed the dubbing of Zanjeer. Apparently the film's producers Reliance handed over a cheque of Rs 1. 5 crores to Dutt as dubbing feee.

In the meanwhile a huge bash that was planned in Mumbai on Ramcharan Teja's birthday on Wednesday to introduce him to Bollywood's who's-who was cancelled.

Says director Apoorva Lakhia, `We had planned this massive birthday party for Ramcharan Teja at the Four Seasons to formally introduce him to the entire industry. But after what happened to Sanju Sir we cancelled the bash. Dil nahin kiya (our heart was not in it). `

On Thursday Sanjay Dutt resumed shooting for producer T. P. Aggarwal's Police-giri.

Speaking on the previous evening Aggarwal said, `We were supposed to resume shooting on Wednesday. But it was Holi. Sanjay insisted that we don't waste any time (considering he has only a 4-week window before the doors shut on his freedom). But we insisted that he spend Holi with his family. We now resume on Thursday and wrap up the shooting in ten days. `

Holi was an understandably subdued affair at the Dutts' residence. No one in Sanjay's two sisters's families was in a festive mood. However some of Dutt's friends who were seen shedding tears over his jail sentence just a few days earlier thought nothing of carrying on with their usual Holi revelry.

Said a friend of the Dutt family, `It is only to be extended. Baba thinks the world is his family. Some of his so-called buddies went on with their Holi as though nothing had happened. That's the show-world for you. `

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