Saturday 29 June 2013

Sonakshi meets 'Super Moms’

Sonakshi meets `Super Moms’

Sonakshi Sinha and Ranveer Singh are one sporting pair of actors.

While on the sets of Zee TV's dance reality show 'DID Super Moms' to promote their upcoming film 'Lootera', the duo not only danced with the contestants, but ended up doing various other activities too.

While the Top 16 contestants got Ranveer and Sonakshi to do some mujra and Bollywood steps, the skippers (Prince, Raghav, Siddhesh and Jai kumar Nair) had Sonakshi try her hand at their own signature styles and Terence got Ranveer to follow his lead in trying some contemporary steps.

While the dancing was manageable, little did Ranveer and Sonakshi know what other surprises were in store for them later in the episode.

When Zoya, from Dehradun who is a really fast cook, found out that Ranveer has been taking cooking classes, she challenged him to a race of peeling carrots to make gajar ka halwa.

In the time that it took Ranveer to grate half a carrot, Zoya had finished grating two.

By the end of the competition, when Sonakshi showed the audience both bowls of grated carrot, it seemed that Ranveer had outbeaten Zoya in her own challenge.

The mystery was soon solved when fellow contestants pointed out that Sonakshi who was supposed to be the judge had sneakily been moving handfuls of carrot from Zoya's bowl to Ranveer's.

'Hum Lootere hai, gajar toh loot hi sakte hai!` said Sonakshi when grand master of the show Mithun Chakraborty questioned her about her actions.

While she may look petite, Juliana, the energy powerhouse from Delhi also had a challenge in store for the duo.

While they oohed and aahed over her energetic performance, Juliana brought out the hula hoops and dared them to match her beat for beat.

Not to be daunted by the challenge issued, Ranveer and Sonakshi took it in their step and tried their hand at twirling the hula hoop.

`I thought we were going on a dance show,` said Sonakshi, `but you guys have us doing everything from cooking to handstands and hula hoops! I have always had some surprises come my way whenever I have been on Dance India Dance, but this time is completely different!"

"I am so glad that Ranveer is the one who is getting the brunt of it! It is absolutely lovely to see these mothers dance and they look like they have just left college...watching them is inspirational!`

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