Saturday 29 June 2013

Movie Review : Everything about Ghanchakkar is too flimsy to entertain

Movie Review : Everything about Ghanchakkar is too flimsy to entertain

Cast: Vidya Balan, Emraan Hashmi, Rajesh Sharma, Namit Das

Direction: Raj Kumar Gupta

Run Time: 2 Hr 17 Mns

Rating: * *

So with tons of hullabaloo around it, finally much talked about directional venture of Raj Kumar Gupta featuring Vidya and Emraan is finally here in the cine arena. Soon after the unveiling of it's audacious yet hilarious promos "Ghanchakkar" turned into talk of the town. After remaining away from celluloid for almost an year ( in a full fledged role) Vidya has once again teamed up with her "The Dirty Picture" co-star, Emraan, whereas after "Ek Thi Daayan" this is the second release of the year for Emraan.

After trying his hands in home truth genre with "NOKJ" and "Aamir" this time, Raj Kumar Gupta has stepped into an altogether new aisles of crime-humor, which features a amnesiac husband, a loud Punjabi wife and a bank heist. "Ghanchakkar" opened with an occupancy of around 65 percent in the multiplexes.

As soon as the story takes off it showcases a couple Sanju (Emraan) and his loud mouthed Punjabi wife Neetu (Vidya). With frames rolling ahead Sanju receives an offer from Pandit (Rajesh Sharma) and Idris (Namit Das) to be a part of bank heist to which he agrees after initial hesitation. Soon after conducting the heist the trio decides to share the booty after three months, only after the entire hullabaloo pertaining to robbery get settled down.

As decided Pandit and Idris approaches Sanju after three months for their share but the story takes a serious twist when they realize that Sanju is suffering from memory loss and is unable to identify the place where he hid the money. And from their takes off a bumpy joy ride, so what happens next to check out, watch "Ghanchakkar".

Although there is no such rule in Indian cinema, that a good script always transforms into a great movie or vice-versa, but at the same time there is no such rule either, which states that a humdrum patchy saga decorated with glittering stars of cine galaxy, can emerge as BO vanquisher.

Anyhow, if we go by the script of the "Ghanchakkar", then contrary to speculations it looks like a "half cooked-half baked" cine saga which through out it's run time keeps on struggling with scarcity of ideas.

As soon as the story takes off it compels you to assume that there is an entertaining joy ride waiting ahead, but soon after, all your hopes wither away. At the very onset "Ghanchakkar" introduces the masses with its leading characters in a quite adroit manner, but in the sequences which follows where Parvez and Raj Kumar tried to dodge some of the relevant incidents, entire plot of the movie gets jumbled.

But at the same time there is no denying the fact that the concept that Ghannchakkar has at its core could have conveniently turned into a splendid entertainer of the year, but lack of contemplation by Raj and Parvez Sheikh while penning down the premise, turns "Ghanchakkar" into a tedious tale predominated by monotony, and boredom.

At times we have seen that in spite of having not so impressive scripts an adroitly crafted screenplay quite conveniently carts the crumbling script and vice-versa, but unfortunately "Ghanchakkar" falls short of expectations on both the fronts.

At the commencement (which takes a slow and steady start) and after being exposed to some of the initial sequences you try to convince yourself that whatever is happening is happening to provide a firm ground to the upcoming extraordinary proceedings. But nothing of that sort happens and with frames rolling ahead, flow of the narration drops down to snail's pace and up till great extent becomes unbearable.

Be it humor punches or the curiosity quotient, everything associated with Ghanchakkar lacks a thorough amount of intensity, capable of captivating the attention of those sitting in the house. Although in the first half screenplay writers have thoroughly tried to bank upon the humor coefficient but of no use because even humor punches which were incorporated in the flow of narration thoroughly lacks the intensity.

Although fiddling with spoilers alerts is not my cup of tea, but still it is worthwhile to mention that in post interval movie grabs your attention momentarily, when Emraan starts doubting Vidya (making you recall the climax of Kahaani which had a stupendous shock value) but even that waft of apprehension withers away within no time.

After dealing in critically acclaimed movies like "Aamir" and "No One Killed Jessica", undoubtedly this is one of the praises-worthy effort on director Raj Kumar Gupta's part, where he has tried to test his cinematographic adroitness in an unusual comedy, but at the same time overlooking some of the genuine flaws that "Ghanchakkar" has will be a sin.

Although while being in director's chair for "Ghanchakkar", Raj has thoroughly tried to put his best foot forward, but with a bland script and patchy screenplay in his "entertainment sack" this time Raj has failed miserably in crafting any thing impressive to please the masses as well as the critics.

As far as music of "Ghanchakkar" is concerned, then except the title track, no other track carries any recall value, and even the tracks which are knitted in the tale ends up being an obtruded delights.

With some of the seasoned actors in it, it's the star cast of "Ghannchakkar" which up till some extent succeeds in keeping fans sit till the culmination of the movie. Be it Vidya, Emraan, Rajesh Sharma, or Namit Das, every character of the movie has tried to shoulder the movie towards an plausible shore.

Ever since "The Dirty Picture" Vidya has turned in to one such stupendous actress of Bollywood who can excel in any and every kind of role. Be it her Vidya Bagchi stint or the latest one as a loud Punjabi wife of Emraan in "Ghanchakkar", every time Vidya has thoroughly succeeded in raising the bar. So tons of kudos for her.

After being the serial kisser of Bollywood this time, Emraan has tried his hands in altogether a different avatar of an amnesiac, and believe me even while playing his character, Emraan too has looked impressive.

After emerging as a stand out performer in "Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khuraana" Rajesh Sharma has one again succeeded in registering his presence. While Namit Das too have put his best foot forward as Idris.

Final word, in spite of having a somewhat novel idea at its core, "Ghannchakkar" completely tramples your expectations, thanks to an un-contemplated script and even worse execution. So better avoid getting into the "Chakkar of Ghanchakkar" to save your hard earned money.

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