Sunday 30 June 2013

Single mothers of Bollywood

Bollywood exudes a source of inspiration to single moms who find it difficult to raise their kids single handedly without the support of husbands. A lot of celebrities have taken up the brave and bold step of walking away from their married relationship which gave them sadness rather than happiness. Here’s a list of mothers who raised their kids single handedly:
Honey Irani
Director and script writer Honey Irani married Javed Akhtar when she was 17. After few years Honey gave birth to Farhan Akhtar and Zoya Akhtar. Soon after the birth of the two kids, Javed fell for actress Shabana Azmi and as Honey came to know of this, she got herself separated from Javed Akhtar. Then she raised both the kids single handedly though Javed always shared good relation with his kids.
Babita Kapoor
Babita was a big star when she married Randhir Kapoor. The couple has 2 daughters Karisma and Kareena. But after few years of their marriage Randhir became an alcoholic and started neglecting family. Babita divorced him and then she groomed Karisma for Bollywood on her own. Even Kareena owes her success to her mom.
Sushmita Sen
She is the epitome of courage as she adopted two girls, one in 2000 and the other in 2010. She never married. She single handedly takes care of both the children.
Neena Gupta
After a successful career in acting, Neena fell for West Indies cricket player Viv Richards. Though they never married, they have a love child, Masaba Gupta. Masaba is popular in fashion industry. Though Neena again married someone in Delhi, she takes Masaba as her priority.
Neelima Azim
Neelima is a TV actor who married actor Pankaj Kapoor in 1975 and they separated in 1984. In 1981 Neelima gave birth to Shahid Kapoor. Neelima got the custody of Shahid.
Pooja Bedi
Pooja Bedi married business man Farhan Ebrahim in 1990 but soon after their marriage, they got divorced due to differences in opinion. They have two kids, Alia and Omar, who are being tended by Pooja.
Amrita Singh
Amrita Singh married Saif Ali Khan and she gave birth to two kids, Sara and Ibrahim. But their marriage came to an end and now Amrita single handedly manages both the kids.
Reena Dutt
Reena Dutt is the ex wife of Aamir Khan. They have two kids, Junaid and Ira, whom Reena raised post her divorce with Aamir. Both the kids are humble and do not exhibit starry tantrums.
sushmita sen
pooja bedi
amrita singh
reena dutta
neena gupta
Babita kapoor
neelima azmi
honey irani

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