Saturday 29 June 2013

Salman spotted with girlfriend Lulia at Hyderabad airport

Rumor has been growing stronger and stronger with every passing day that Salman Khan
Salman Khan and Romanian beauty Lulia Vatur are dating each other and marriage is on the cards and now cementing the report of their love story is Salman’s over-protectiveness for his girlfriend. According to the latest grapevine, Salman and Lulia has been spotted at Hyderabad airport and the hunk is quite guarded about his ladylove.
After landing at the Hyderabad airport, Salman could sensed that there is a crowded media outside the airport to click him and hence he asked Lulia to make exit separately. He also asked her to take his car to the hotel and the actor himself hired a taxi to reach his destination. Salman was in the city to shoot for ‘Mental’.
Salman and Lulia Vatur have known each other for two years. Both are said to have found love for each other and they are in touch over two years now.
“Salman met her two years ago during one of his trips abroad. He has always been in touch with her and now they have become extremely fond of each other,” a tabloid quoted a source as saying earlier.

It was also been reported that Lulia has been staying with Salman’s parents during her last visit to India. The place is new to her and the language is now known to Lulia and she feels lost in their unknown city. Salman who has helped many in the past in this new city also landed his support to Lulia.
Salman has a series of break-up in the past. The 47-year-old actor's marriage is a very talked about subject nationwide. His fans, colleagues as well his family want him to settle down soon but Sallu is taking the issue easily.
Hope, Lulia is the true love for Salman and he settles down as soon as possible.

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