Saturday 29 June 2013

'I was shocked to hear such negative things about myself'

`I was shocked to hear such negative things about myself`

If Ayushmann Khurrana has been in the news for "Vicky Donor" and his song "Pani da rang", he also hogged limelight for his tantrums. But the Bollywood's new entrant refutes rumours, saying it was shocking to hear negative things about himself.

"Even I was shocked when I got to know about these rumours. It's just that I am doing lesser stuff, so it's not easy to say no to people and sometimes it's not easy for a person of a certain stature to accept a negative answer from a newcomer," Ayushmann told.

The 28-year-old actor said he was "more approachable as a person when I was part of TV and is still approachable". The only difference is that now he asks "people to get in touch with my manager", unlike earlier when he would talk to people directly.

"I guess that shift was hard for people," he added.

Asked how important it is to pick and choose things in the industry, he said that "it's very important to be choosy as it's all about the choices one makes".

But he also mentioned that one cannot predict results.

He said: "You can make a particular choice depending on the character or the director or the kind of script, but you cannot have control over the rest of the things. It's good to make right choices."

"Even when I was doing television, I made the right choices by being part of the youth channel and not just being another anchor," said the actor who debuted in films with "Vicky Donor" followed by "Nautanki Saala".

His next is Yash Raj Films' untitled project. Written by Habib Faisal, it is directed by Nupur Asthana, and the cast also includes Rishi Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor.

Talking about his character in the film, Ayushmann said: "I play a corporate guy in the film, which is again different as I have never experienced the corporate world in my real life. I am a creative person. And it's a love story in times of recession."

"It's a sweet, simple, two-hour story of three characters - Sonam, who is my love interest, and Rishi Kapoor, who is her father and an IAS officer."

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