Friday 28 June 2013

Audience participation USP of my show: Kapil Sharma

Audience participation USP of my show: Kapil Sharma

Audiences are invited to participate in "Comedy Nights With Kapil" and comedian Kapil Sharma says that is the USP of his maiden production venture.

"My show has audience participation. This is my show's USP. I have also brought in theatre in the show. There is drama before interval, then interaction with public, " Kapil told.

He invites celebrities on his show that went on air recently and saw high profile guests like Dharmendra, Vidya Balan and Emraan Hashmi chatting with the viewers.

"I make celebrities talk to people. This is not scripted and it is fun. India has never seen such a show, " he claimed.

"I feel that people like seeing celebrities and comedy is something that they like as lives have become stressful... My show also has a live element, which is different. I have experience in comedy and I feel the show has elements that has not been seen before, " he added.

But having said that, Kapil makes sure comedy is the mainstay in all the new elements.

"I make sure not to stray away from comedy. The live interaction also has a lot of comedy, " he said.

After having participated in shows like "The Great Indian Laughter Challenge" and many seasons of "Comedy Circus", Kapil wanted to make his own format.

"I wanted to make my own format where everything happens according to my wish. No one knows you better than yourself. People had only seen things that I had shown them in others' format. I wanted to do something different than comedy with comedy. I researched a lot, " he said.

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