Wednesday 24 July 2013

Aditya Chopra and Rani Mukherjee :A love story

Tinsel town has witnessed a number of love stories. Some are quite predictable and some are perfect from some Bollywood movie plot. Aditya Chopra and Rani Mukherji have never opened up about their relationship, but their closeness to each other is quite well known. Their supposed marriage plans have been the talk of the town. It is rumored that by next year Aditya and Rani will tie the knot.
“I think Adi will have a quite marriage, if at all he decides to walk down the aisle with his long time girl friend, Rani Mukherji.” said a relative of Aditya Chopra.
Aditya has known Rani for more than 10 years. Initially their association was strictly professional. Gradually Rani became the favorite heroine of Yash Raj Films. Their association turned into friendship and subsequently they became very good friends.
At that time, Aditya was married to interior designer Payal Malhotra. They were family friends and Aditya never wanted to marry Payal. On the insistence of his parents, young Aditya married Payal but was never happy. Payal became the favorite daughter in law of Chopra family. She was liked a lot by her in laws, Yash Chopra and Pamela Chopra.
A source close to the family said, “Adi disconnected with Payal immediately after their marriage. All friendships are not to be culminated in marriage. But just to keep his parents happy, he adjusted. He played the role of a perfect son. Though his parents could understand that their son was not happy, they would still not like to encourage him for a divorce.”
After five years of their unsuccessful marriage, Aditya finally called the relationship off. The source revealed, “It came as a shock to the Chopra family. Payal was also taken aback. But she would not settle for anything less. She was very clear about her social standing and was aware of the kind of property and financial position the family enjoyed. She demanded a hefty alimony, and initially, Adi was not prepared for the counter shock.”
At that point people started blaming Rani for the unsuccessful relation of Aditya and Payal. “People blame Rani Mukherji for the divorce. But that is completely baseless; she was never the reason. We know how unhappy Adi was. He wanted someone with whom he could connect and Payal was definitely not the one,” said a very close relative of Adi.
After their divorce, Aditya started staying a little aloof. Then Rani got close to him and his life changed. A relative told on condition of anonymity, “Adi is an introvert. He doesn’t open up to people. With Rani, he found some sort of solace. Rani would bring joy in his mundane life. He would laugh and enjoy the silly things she would do. Rani was like a whiff of fresh air, to an otherwise claustrophobic atmosphere in which Adi was living for years.

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