Wednesday 24 July 2013

'Satyagraha' post production to be done at Prakash Jha's office

`Satyagraha` post production to be done at Prakash Jha`s office

In a bid to prevent information about his next film leaking out, Prakash Jha moves all post-production work into his own office

Looks like Prakash Jha is in no mood to take any risk when it comes to hiding his best-kept secrets. Insiders say that the filmmaker has moved the dubbing and editing on his upcoming film Satyagraha into the closed confines of his office in Andheri. This has been done to avoid any kind of information leaking out.

Unwanted access
Says a source, `In the digital age, one has to trust the studio while doing the post production of his/her films. A lot of people have access to information and the screenplay. Jha has decided to keep his cards close to his chest. He will be working on the film from his office.`

Constant fear
Jha confirms, `We have our own editing and dubbing equipments. There is always a fear since the work on post production goes on at several places. These days even a pen drive is dangerous and I am taking no chances.`

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