Saturday 20 July 2013

I'm definitely not going to blindly marry any guy: Asin

I`m definitely not going to blindly marry any guy: Asin

Asin has done six films in Bollywood, out of which five are hits. And Asin has another biggie in her hand; where she is cast opposite John Abraham.

`I love being the heroine. However, I want to be known as the heroine who can act, ` says Asin, who was on a sabbatical of sorts. In a lengthy interview with CS, Asin talks about her break, films and the North- Southdivide.

Away from the arc lights
I told my manager and team that I needed a holiday. No shooting, no appearances and no noise for some time. I just packed my bags and took off to completely cut off from this world. It was a random decision.

I have been working since my early teens, and felt that I need to get a life (laughs out loud). After the Tamil Ghajini became a blockbuster, I didn't take up anything for a few months. That patch was followed by successive hits.

The talk about the 'disappearing act' has followed me throughout my career. You see, for all the speculations and theories that fly around that time, you just smile and move on with your life the way you want to live it.

Age no bar
My selection of projects is not based on criteria like an actor's age. If a project sounds good in totality, I take it up. And coming to your question, it would be fun to work with younger actors as well.

I am happy with the kind of films I have done so far. I am glad that I am a 'heroine'. Yes, I am yet to find a role in Bollywood that gives me scope to perform or gives me creative satisfaction as an artist.

Bollywood vs Kollywood
There are cultural differences, which invariably reflect in working styles and expectations. I could probably do a thesis on it (laughs out loud). There are so many similarities and differences.

Let's just say balancing both the cultures is a tight ropewalk and I am grateful for having been accepted both in Bollywood and South Indian film industry.

Love or arranged marriage?
I have an open mind. You never know when the right person comes into your life. Friends, parents or just chance encounters can introduce him to you. But that will be the extent of it, initial introduction.

Whether I will end up marrying that person depends on compatibility, chemistry and understanding. I'm definitely not going to blindly marry someone with none of the above.

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