Wednesday 24 July 2013

'B.A. Pass' a path-breaking film

`B.A. Pass` a path-breaking film

Ace filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt is highly impressed with Ajay Bahl directed forthcoming erotic drama "B.A Pass" and has termed it a "path-breaking film".

He is confident that this film will be recalled even after many years to come.

The film is said to be based on one of the stories titled "The Railway Aunty" by Mohan Sikka from the book "Delhi Noir", and it talks about male prostitution. In the film, actress Shilpa Shukla will be seen as Sarika Aunty.

"I assure you that people will talk about 'B.A. Pass' for many years. There are a lot of films, in which there are big stars, but are no where to be seen after the opening weekend of their release. But this film will be recalled even after 20-25 years down the line, " Bhatt said here Monday during the film's press conference.

"It's a path-breaking film, " he added.

Bhatt also praised Bahl for his efforts in his debut film.

"According to me, Ajay Bahl is a superstar director of tomorrow, " said the filmmaker known for directing critically acclaimed films like "Saaransh", "Arth" and "Zakhm".

"He has brought out the stark realities of modern India in a very engaging way and has served in a thriller format, " he added.

Presented and distributed by Bharat Shah, "B.A. Pass" is set to release Aug 2.

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