Wednesday 24 July 2013

Sooraj Pancholi says he still loves Jiah Khan

Sooraj Pancholi who served 23 days in jail for abetting Jiah Khan’s suicide finally broke his silence and said that he still loves Jiah Khan

Jiah Khan and doesn’t mind if his name is associated with Jiah throughout his life. While giving an interview to the daily, Sooraj said, “I don`t mind if my name is associated with her all my life as my heart is still connected with her`s. I still love her.” Sooraj opens about his days in jail. “For those four days, I did not have a bath or brush my teeth, remained in the same clothes, had no pillow or a blanket. There was one wall fan and I shared Odomos with the guy who I shared the cell with. There was pee on the floor on both sides”. The actor further revealed that he was then shifted to Arthur Road jail in an ‘unda cell’ where India’s biggest terrorists are kept.
“Kasab's room had been just adjacent to mine. It's a large secure egg-shaped cell with seven sub-cells and anyone in each of these cells can see others within the unda cell”. He also talked about the circumstances he was staying in, “During my days in Arthur Road Jail, I was not allowed to step out of my cell and was served food there.” Suraj had no guilt and fear in his heart as he knew that he had done nothing wrong, “I used to help her and have saved her life a couple of times before, so I knew I would get out. But I was in shock that my girlfriend was not there any more. The police interrogation, jail food, hygiene was a small price to pay as someone's life had gon
Sooraj revealed that Jiah Khan was depressed as after a promising debut she could not save her sinking career. “I fell even more for her. She just needed more love from her family and respect from people around. I could not fulfil all of that, though I did more than a 21-year-old could.” She had slit her hand, tried to hang herself and was over possessive, “She had a depression problem and had been for counselling before.” Suraj got emotional talking about Jiah, “Her committing suicide was not a shock to me, but I cried when I entered her building as I used to pick her up from there.” He gave his verdict over his association with Jiah’s name, “I don't mind if my name is associated with her all my life as my heart is still connected with her's. I still love her.”
Jiah Khan committed suicide at her Juhu residence on June 3rd when her mother and sisters were away.

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