Wednesday 24 July 2013

Sohail Khan refutes Shahrukh-Salman’s friendship

Salman Khan
Salman Khan’s hug might be touted as the end of the long standing rivalry with Shahrukh Khan and Shahrukh after the much publicized hug tweeted about the event as ‘turning the page’, but in the real sense whether the gesture came directly from Salman's heart or it is just a friendly gesture that happened at the heat of the moment. After lots of permutation and combination, it was established that Salman Khan has just done a ‘being human’ with King Khan and in reality things remain the same between the two.
When Salman Khan hugged his rival Shahrukh Khan at Baba Siddhiqui's Iftar party held at a five star hotel in Mumbai, paparazzi and media persons did not miss to click this historic moment.  But the other day, when the incident turned out to be a big foul and it was bit shocking.
Sohail Khan who was also present at the party clarified that Bhai’s gesture is just a simple greet and there is no question of reconciliation between the two.
"Bhai has said many times in the past that he would never again be friends with Shah Rukh Khan. Their differences are irreconcilable. And that`s how it remains. The hug at the Iftaar party just happened because of circumstances. Neither Bhai nor Shah Rukh could say no to their host when he led Salman Khan to Shah Rukh Khan. They`ve the highest regard for him. And that`s why they were both there at the same place at the same time. It was only because of the host that Bhai made that gesture. There is nothing more to it," the source said.

Sohail Khan said about the much publicized hug, ‘They just greeted each other. There is nothing more to it."

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