Wednesday 24 July 2013

When Deepika kicked Shahrukh Khan's butt

The sizzling chemistry between Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone
Deepika Padukone is well known to the fans of Hindi film. In their very first film, Om shanty om, their lively repartee and interaction captured the attention of the audience. Now, Rohit Shetty had put this chemistry to good use in his upcoming rom com Chennai Express where the pair will be seen together. The first trailers have been released and they promise of rather good things to come. The story revolves round a young man from Mumbai named Rahul played by Shah Rukh Khan. He travels to Rameshwaram to immerse his grandfather’s ashes according to his last wishes. On his journey he meets Deepika who plays a south Indian girl. He falls in love and soon finds himself having to negotiate through a different culture and unknown language. The scene for comedy is set. In this background, zesty dialogue between the lead actors has really added to the appeal of the movie. Shetty has given appropriate lines to both of them and when Deepika delivers her dialogues in incomparable South Indian accent, the fun factor increases.
Here are a few examples of snappy and funny dialogues that are now released with the official trailer of the Chennai Express.
1.       SRK: Chaalis saal ka ho gaya aur normally iss age tak har kisi ki life mein ek adha bada twist toh aa hi jaat hai.
2.      SRK: Chutti manane nikla tha, tumne meri chutti kar di
3.      SRK: Meri dictionary mein impossible naam ka shabd hi nahi hai
Deepika: Kahan se kharidi aisi bakvas dictionary
4.      SRK: Jabse meri life mein aayi ho, my life sucks
Deepika: Same here
5.      This scenario Starts with Deepika kicking Shahrukh out of the bed.
Deepika: “Bola tha na? Baaju mein nahi sone ka. Sapna dekhti toh kick marthi”
SRK: Mein kya tera abba ka scooter hoon ki kick marthi hai. Tu don ki nahi, donkey ki ladki hai.
And the humor is not confined between the lead pairs. Shah Rukh had got in quite a few digs to other characters as well and they retorted in kind.
SRK to Satyaraj (dips dad) - Uncle Haar ke jitne wale ko Bazigaar kehte hai hmmmm

Satyaraj in reply with tamil accent - accha toh Bakre ki mimicri karne wale ko kya kehte hai,..............
The film is to be released this Eid and already has a lot of anticipation building around it.

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