Tuesday 19 March 2013

Tamanna Bhatia refuses to kiss onscreen or don bikini

The hot and sizzling actress from the South, Tamanna Bhatia

, who will be seen in the Bollywood film ‘Himmatwala’, has set herself within certain boundaries. In a recent interview the actress has revealed the fact that she will never say yes to do two things on the screen. One is to kiss anybody or do any such intimate scene and the second thing is she will never wear a bikini on screen. Her latest movie ‘Himmatwala’ is directed by Sajid Khan, where she will be seen acting opposite Ajay Devgn. The actress firmly follows the rules that she has set for herself and she feels that if she have followed them in the past, she can certainly do so in the future. She is now 23 years old. Her debut film was ‘Chand sa Roshan Chehra’, a Hindi film that came out in the year 2005. She decided to move to films of the South, since in her opinion, no good scripts were coming to her from Bollywood at that time. She has told the media that she would sign only those films that she herself would be enjoying as an audience. For her ‘Himmatwala’ is one such movie. She waited for a long time before signing up for this movie. While she was working in the South Indian films, she received several offers from Bollywood. However, she refused to do any of them since she did not feel them to be any good. None of the movie offers that came to her from Bollywood seemed interesting from the point of view of an audience.
Thus, we see an actress who is very much different from several actresses of Bollywood. While we have actresses who can go to any length to promote herself to the audience for popularity and fame, we see someone who has certain rules that has been set up by her and will not let her do any wild stuff. Tamanna has set herself differently in Bollywood, where scenes having actresses showing their bodies in sexy bikinis and kissing their co-actors are very common occurrence. Hence we can also expect that if ‘Himmatwala’ turns out to be a hit, she will have several offers coming her way from Bollywood. Each of these offers will be demanding something more out of her. However, the interesting thing to watch for is whether the actress turns all of them down or goes against her rules.

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