Monday 10 June 2013

Ad shoot of Saif Ali Khan stopped by police

The shooting of a commercial featuring actor Saif Ali Khan
Saif Ali Khan was stopped in Jaipur on Saturday. The helicopter which was supposed to be used during the commercial landed on the helipad of the 5 star hotel without prior permission. The helicopter was seized by the police officials on the behest of local authorities.
Ajay Sharma and Rajesh Kumar, who are the employees of the company that provide logistics for movie and commercial advertisements' shooting, have been arrested. According to police, these two men had asked for the permission to land the chopper over the hotel’s helipad over a week ago. However, following a PWD report, stating that the helipad is unfit for take-off and landing, the logistics company did not get an approval.
"Ajay Sharma, who provides logistics for movie and commercial advertisements' shooting, had sought permission for the chopper's use. However, the helipad which was to be used for the chopper's landing had been declared unfit. Police denied the permission," said Assistant Commissioner of Police Amber Surendra Sagar.
After getting a ‘thumbs down’ from the officials, Ajay Sharma allegedly tampered  the report and emailed it to the aviation officials confirming them that the ‘green signal’ for take-off and landing of the chopper had been granted by the local authorities.
 The chopper landed at around 10 Am on Saturday. Saif was present in his hotel room at the time of landing of the chopper. However, his name and chopper’s pilot name have not been dragged in the FIR.  Till evening of Saturday, Saif is reported to have waited for shooting to resume in his hotel room.
Ajay Sharma and Rajesh Kumar have been arrested by the police. "We arrested Ajay Sharma and Rajesh Kumar for disobeying the order and putting people's lives at risk. Further investigation is on," said the officer.
The five star hotel where shooting was scheduled, is located near Kukas on the outskirts of Jaipur city.
Saif has acted in a number of commercials for brands like India bulls Group, Appy Fizz, Airtel, Royal stag, Head and shoulders and Lays, to name a few. The actor has been in acting career since 1992 but his career took a surge in 2001 when he appeared in Bollywood super hit movie, Dil Chahta Hai.
Among controversies, the one that went against this actor was in 1998 when the actor was charged with poaching two blackbucks in Kankani during filming of Hum Saath Saath Hai.

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