Wednesday 19 June 2013

Jackie Chan wants to act in a Bollywood movie

The Hong Kong movie actor, Jackie Chan, who has an international presence through his movies, was in Delhi recently (June 18) to promote and attend China Film Festival. He wants to do a Bollywood movie and is “looking for a good script”.  “I can sing and dance a bit, all I need is a good script.” said Chan. Chan is a noted actor, action Choreographer, comedian, director and stunt performer among other things.
He said that he no longer wants to be associated only as a martial arts actor but wants to be seen in the league of Hollywood actor ‘Robert De Nero’. “Give me a role for my acting and not for my action. I am a pretty good actor,” he quipped. He also said, “I so want to use Indian choreography, but sadly I can't dance.” He then added, “An action star has a short life, while an actor has a long life.”
Though on screen he might be popular for his acrobatic fighting style but off screen the actor seems to encourage peace between India and China. On the first day of the Chinese Film Festival, Jackie said, “We cannot choose our neighbors. In fact, we should love each other; why hate each other? Through films we need to promote peace.”
The actor sincerely wishes to see the relationship between the two countries growing through joint film venture between the two countries. “We need good Indian writers to write about China and Chinese writers to write about India. We need a good producer to make a good Indo-Chinese film.” said Jackie Chan while addressing a press conference.  Though he was little sad about the fact that Indian directors do not aggressively promote their film internationally. He lamented, “India just doesn't promote its films.”
This was the third trip of the actor to India. Last time he came during the making of “The Myth” and stayed for about a month. He said, “I shot the film for a month here. During this period, I watched a lot of television and was impressed with all the singing and dancing. I loved the music of 3 Idiots and wanted to dance with co-actor Mallika Sherawat for the Indian version of The Myth.”
The actor displayed his flair and inclination for Indian dance by performing few synchronized moves with hands and admitted that the problem area is the head.
When asked about his innovative fighting style in movies, the actor smiled and said, “How could I do punching and kicking differently from others? So I started using the table and napkins while doing martial arts.”

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