Wednesday 19 June 2013

Jiah Khan's handwriting mismatched?

Handwriting of the two sets of letters found from Jiah’s residence and found from Sooraj’s residence are visibly different. There is a lot of confusion over the authenticity of these two sets of letters found from the two families respectively.
The letter found from Jiah’s residence was handed over to police two days after Jiah committed suicide. It is an un-addressed letter and does not mention any names. While the letters found from Sooraj’s residence were collected by police during an investigation post death of the actress. The letters found from Sooraj’s residence are signed as Nafisa. Nafisa was the original name of late actress Jiah Khan.
Police has sent the letters to the forensic department to find out its authenticity. Meanwhile a common friend of Sooraj and Jiah said, “The handwritings seems to be different and the language style also varies”. In the meanwhile, according to sources, Jiah’s family could be leaving for London soon.
On the entire issue, Rabiya’s boyfriend Tom Thomas quipped, “All the speculations are wrong. We are waiting for the experts’ opinion. Once the reports come, we will take further action. All the letters were written by Jiah; how can anyone claim otherwise? Even if the experts say the handwritings are different, we will still take further action.”
It seems both the families have got into locked horns with both parties wanting to dampen down the image of the other.  Both the mothers have got vociferous and are gathering points to tar the other person.
Zarina said, "Yes, I am aware that the handwritings look different in the two sets. I think Rabia did not account for the fact that her daughter wrote love letters to my son. She was living under the impression that she only called and texted him. The truth will be out very soon."
Zarina also added, "I have faith in God. Once forensic experts say emphatically that the letter, which Rabia handed over to the police, was not written by Jiah, I shall take legal action against that woman. But let me add that I shall consult my lawyers in detail before taking any step. I shall not do anything undignified and unjustified."
When Rabiya was contacted, her daughter and Jiah’s sister Kavita said, “My mom is unwell. She can't talk. The cops who claim that the handwritings have not matched, have not notified us. We maintain that none other than Jiah wrote the letter, which they have collected from our house. Nobody knows Jiah's handwriting better than us. It would be silly to imagine that we would stoop so low so as to fix something like to deal with our angst."

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