Saturday 15 June 2013

Jwalamukhi Chautala turns into a ghost in 'F.I.R.'

Jwalamukhi Chautala turns into a ghost in `F.I.R.`

Popular show "F.I.R." will soon have a-ghost-based episode and actress Chitrashi Rawat, who plays sub-inspector Jwalamukhi Chautala, is excited about playing a ghost.

"It is very interesting, I have turned into a ghost," Chitrashi said here Thursday on the set of the show while shooting for the sequence.

The show comes on SAB TV, the special episode will show that the spirit of a late police officer starts to solve cases and when Jwalamukhi confronts the ghost, he bites her. As a result, she turns into a ghost.

After that she starts biting everyone.

Gopi Bhalla, who plays constable Gopi in the show, claims he has confronted ghost in real life.

"I am from Nabha in Punjab and there used to be banyan tree in our village. Legends claimed that a ghost lives on that tree. Once I was coming back after watching 'Ramleela', and as I passed that tree, I felt that something shaking. I was on a cycle. But I had to stop there due to some problem in my cycle," Gopi Bhalla said here on the set of the show.

"I can't tell how I felt, but whatever I saw, I can never forget. There was really something that I saw," he added.

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