Friday 7 June 2013

Salman Khan's brother Sohail on his fearless Nadia project

Would Sohail Khan finally crack the formula to make a film on the life of Fearless Nadia? The mythical screen queen of stunt films in the 1930s and her adventurous life as an action star were to be filmed by Vishal Bhardawaj who had even zeroed in on a German actress Franka Potente to play the role.
But then the legendary Fearless Nadia’s family put its collective feet down. Nothing was heard of the project thereafter.
Now Sohail Khan has been offered a chance to make a film on the queen of stunts.
Sohail says he would tackle the bio-pic only if and when his producers get Nadia’s family’s approval.  “I’ll take up this project only if all the necessary permission and approvals are obtained. There is no point in doing a film on a real-life figure unless the family is with you.”
Shedding light on the project Sohail says, “A producer-friend of mine from Australia approached me with this project a couple of months ago. She’s still doing the basic research. And for now I’m totally tied up with my underproduction film. So let’s see.”
While it’s too early to talk about the casting we can reveal that the Fearless phenomenon won’t be essayed by a non-Indian actress.

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