Friday 14 June 2013

'Suraj loved Jiah, why would he rape her?'

`Suraj loved Jiah, why would he rape her?`

Friday, June 14, 2013 11:47 IST
Zarina Wahab minces no words to accuse Jiah Khan's mother Rabiya of dragging her son Sooraj Pancholi and Salman Khan into the fracas that followed Jiah Khan's suicide

When we meet Zarina Wahab at her in-laws’ Juhu residence on Wednesday evening, she has exhaustion written all over her face.

After all the last few days have been extremely trying on her family after her son was first accused of allegedly abetting his girlfriend Jiah Khan’s suicide and was later arrested by the Mumbai cops.

Zarina however feels that her son is innocent and accuses Jiah’s mother Rabiya Khan of trying to frame her son and also unnecessarily involve Salman Khan in the whole fracas.

When did you come to know about Sooraj’s relationship with Jiah?
I knew they were good friends and after I had read about the two somewhere, I simply asked him. He was initially shy but later told me about their relationship. Sooraj doesn’t lie to me and we share a very close bond.

When Aditya and I got to know about their relationship, we acted like normal parents would. There is no fuss about loving someone.

These days, the youngsters are mature and they don’t like parents interfering too much in their personal life. To fall in love is not a crime. But I had never met Jiah.

Is it true that Salman Khan tried to intervene in their relationship?
Do you think Salman has the time to do that? Aditya never told him to ask Sooraj to stay away from Jiah. In fact, had I known that she was such a disturbed child, I would have asked Sooraj to end the relationship.

Just a few days ago, Jiah came crying to Sooraj saying she had a huge argument with her mother. She spent the entire day with him in our house, as she didn’t want to go back home.

Just a month back, Sooraj told Jiah’s mother that he wanted to break up with her. She told Sooraj to stay mum as of then and to reveal it to her gradually.

What about the rape accusations that have been brought by Rabiya?
Industry folks have told me that Jiah’s was raped in London when she was 14. Sooraj was perhaps aware of this. Where was her mother then? She knows that Aditya is short-tempered and she is trying to portray our son in the same light.

They were in love, why would he ever rape her? He is soft-spoken and very shy. While she was alive, there were never any talks about physical abuse. Why now?

Who told Aditya to stay away from the public view?
Everyone is using Aditya’s image against Sooraj. I only told Aditya to stay away till the matter is settled because it has been hampering the case. As for Aditya’s temper, he tends to get very loud but soon after comes back like a baby to apologise. He has never raised his hand on me, then how can Rabiya say that physical abuse runs in my family?

Were Jiah and Sooraj living-in together? Is it true she aborted Sooraj’s baby?
I came to know about the abortion through TV. When two youngsters are in a relationship, they might get physical. But they never stayed under one roof.

Sooraj stays with us and she used to live alone in the neighbourhood. But yes, they used to spend time together. Sooraj used to feel bad about Jiah’s turbulent past and that’s why he was so protective of her.

Is his film with Salman’s production company going ahead?
I just want to say that if my son is not wrong then nothing can stop him. I believe in God and I know my prayers will work.

There was buzz that you son was cheating on Jiah with a girl called Neeloo?
(In an exasperated tone) Neeloo is my friend and also our family jeweller. Sooraj met up with Neeloo for some work in a Juhu hotel. Neeloo has a son, who is nearly of Sooraj’s age! How can people stoop so low?

How long have you known Rabiya?
The first time I met Rabiya was ages back when she came to Mumbai and was looking for a flat. When I visited her house recently, it was only the second time that we met. Aditya has known her and that night they all were together at Anju Mahendroo’s place. There is a lot of pain in her heart but this is not the right way to vent one’s pain and anger.

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