Thursday 11 July 2013

Hrithik Assured Fans That He is Ok

Though Hrithik is still hospitalized, he assured his fans that he was ok by making gesture of ‘ok’ and ‘fantastic’ by his fingers. He communicated this through social networking site.
Actor Hrithik Roshan
Hrithik Roshan was hospitalized on the evening of 6th July after he was diagnosed with chronic subdural hematoma. He was operated subsequently. Hrithik could not participate in recently concluded IIFA event due to his illness.   Subdural hematoma is a condition associated with traumatic brain injury. In this, blood collects between two outer layers of brain. This condition arises as pressure of blood increases between bridging veins of the two outer layers of brain. Symptoms are very slow and take time to appear.
The picture that Hrithik posted on social networking site shows his hands making ‘ok gesture’. A medical tube is also inserted in his hand. Hrithik is admitted to the Hinduja hospital in Mumbai. Earlier also Hrithik had taken help from social media site to inform his fans about his surgery.
On Facebook, Hrithik posted a message. The message was for his fans. He wrote, “What's up! Hope everyone's making the best of their day! I'm horizontal but controlling and creating my environment to the best of my ability... That's all we ever need to do.”
His message was quite encouraging and shows his spirit to fight against all odds. He also wrote, “Hope you're doing the same! I'm fantastic by the way! Thanks to all your love and wishes.”
Hrithik also added, “Leaving you with this thought - Everything can be taken away from you but one thing. The freedom of knowing one can choose their attitude in any given environment...Invent your own way! Love...supersonic style.”
The posts show that Hrithik is very optimistic and positive. Doctors often tell that when the patient keeps a positive spirit and faith in himself, it helps him to heal faster.
Hrithik also wished his friend Farhan Akhtar through twitter. Farhan’s movie ‘Bhag Milkha Bhag’ is all set to get released on coming Friday. Hrithik tweeted, “I believe Bhaag Milkha Bhaag is phenomenal! Fills me up with bright light! miss running with you Farhan Akhtar. Certain you will conquer the highest with this.”
Before his injury, Hrithik was busy shooting for ‘Bang-Bang’. The movie is scheduled to be released next year. He will be starring with co-actress Katrina Kaif

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